A truly compelling website will not just have words on a page. It will tell a story, and provide readers with a vision for how their lives will be made better by working with your business.

That’s where our copywriting team comes in. Our ‘word wizards,’ as we like to call them, have decades of experience in crafting sentences, paragraphs and pages of text that keeps readers gripped. They can wordsmith the most boring and unenticing thing to make it aspirational and interesting, and they will give your website a vibrancy and tone that it never had before.

A wise person once said, “You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want.” We think the same goes for writing website copy. Right now, there are millions of people out there trying to track down whatever it is you’re selling.
Articulating your value proposition, why someone needs your products or services, and why you stand apart from your competition, is the first step towards convincing those people on the value of your brand.

Of course, words for the sake of words won’t do anyone any favours either. The strength of the copywriting services that we offer at WebEagles is that we’re also laser-focused on ensuring that all the copy on your website is perfectly optimised for search engines. After all, a tree that falls in the middle of a forest when no one’s watching makes no noise, and similarly you could have the best-written text on the Internet, but if no one comes to read it you’ll be wasting your efforts. Through WebEagles you can be sure that your website copy will be read by the right people, by having it associated with the top Google rankings for the key words that matter to your business.

What does good writing look like? A good website is informative, but without being filled with jargon. Being able to explain what you do to someone with no experience or expertise in your field is one of the most challenging tasks in writing, and it’s something that we specialise in. Good copy should also be punchy, allowing readers to find the information that they’re looking for quickly and easily – especially these days when so much of website browsing is done on mobile phones. And, finally, good website writing should be active and aspirational, in order to give readers a strong desire to act on what they’re reading. It takes experience and years of practice to be able to effectively write this way, which is why our team includes award-winning writers, journalists, and authors.