The Importance of a Great Website

A key to a successful online presence is having a great website for consumers to visit. Your website is usually the first impression that your client will get of your business, so it is crucial that you invest resources and time into creating an amazing site.

Your website is a reflection of your brand. When you are in the process of designing your website ensure that you have a clear plan and consider the right questions. Outline the purpose of your website and what important information your customers need access too.


An important factor to think about in creating a great website is the design. Decide what is right for your company and what will assist in best displaying your companies’ culture. Ensure that you keep longevity and the future in mind when designing your website, to make it easy to create any changes as your business grows.


Having a responsive website is a must, there are more devices accessing the internet than ever, with various screen sizes ranging from a smart phone to large television panels which offer different experiences. Around half of your consumers will be accessing your website from a mobile phone or tablet, so it is crucial that your site is mobile friendly. Ensuring that your site is optimised for various devices will result in your consumers having a pleasant online experience.

Do it yourself or hire a professional

Creating a site on your own is likely to be more cost-effective although the site will not be as flexible and personalised. There are many online tools that can be used that create templates for websites that you can use and personalise your site yourself. Otherwise, hiring a professional will aid in creating more unique and tailored websites. A web developer can build a custom site that suits your exact business needs.

When creating your site always keep Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices in mind when creating the structure and content. Use unique topics on your landing pages and update your website regularly with relevant and fresh content. Your website is the first step in building trust between your business and your clients.

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