Why Is It Important to Improve Page Speed?

How quickly a page loads affects user experience, which can make or break the effectiveness of your site. Faster page speed allows for a better user experience and can increase page views and conversions whilst reducing bounce rate.

So, what are the benefits of improving page speed?

Improve User Experience by Increasing Website Speed
It is understood that 47 percent of consumers expect a website to load in no more than two seconds. Each second after may damage the user experience. Users don’t want to wait for your page to load, which often results in a bounce to find another business with a better user experience.

Mobile Page Speed New Industry Benchmarks 01 21

Image by Daniel An via Think With Google

Increase Page Views
In Google’s mission to provide high-quality search results for users, one of their many ranking factors include metrics measuring load times and user experience. So, the better your page speed, the better ranking you may get on Google. The higher your rankings the more customer visits you get to your website and consequently, page views.

Increase Conversions
By providing a better user experience with faster page speed, your users will be happier and more inclined to turn into customers. In 12 case studies conducted by HubSpot, they discovered reducing page load time improved conversions by anywhere from three to 17 percent.

Lower Bounce Rate
The difference of a few seconds is the difference between keeping and converting users and watching them go elsewhere. According to Think With Google, when a page load time rises from one second to three seconds, the likelihood of bounce increases by 32 percent. If it increases from one to five seconds, that probability rises by 90 percent.

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