How to use social media as a tool for customer service?

Social media is a wonderful tool used for brand awareness, but have you thought about using it to improve your customer service?

We all know that social media provides a wealth of opportunities that allow you to keep in touch with current and prospective customers, build your brand, and maintain customer relationships.

But are you aware of how to use social media to up your customer service skills?

Here are a few of our favourite ways to leverage social media for customer service:

#1 Engage and Interact

It is important that your customers see that your business is always ready and willing to help. Whether customers have complaints, are complimenting your business, or are making general comments about your products or services, it is important to respond and interact with them. Social media can be used for customers to have conversations with your company. While you may not have the capacity to respond to every comment, if you respond on a regular basis, your customers and clients will notice.

#2 Ask Questions

The most effective way to understand what your customers really think of your product or service is to ask – and one of the best places to do this is on social media. Ask your customers how they are using your products, and where they heard about you. And to be more efficient, consider asking questions about what improvements or changes your customers want to see within your products or services.

#3 Offer Value

Your social media pages are ideal for publishing information about your brand, service, or product, but it is also important to share valuable content as well. Your followers and customers will respond better if you post content that ties to the product or service you provide rather than bombarding them with ads. People primarily use social media for interactive and engaging content; you can leverage this by sharing more valuable information instead of advertisements.

#4 Real-time Assistance

By using social media as a customer service tool, you can quickly respond to any customer’s concerns and queries in real-time. For example, if a customer is having trouble with a certain product, or wants to make a purchase, a real-time response can make all the difference in their overall customer satisfaction.

Allowing your customers to send tweets, to post on your Facebook page, or to comment on your Instagram posts allows your company to offer public assistance which can be a wonderful way to gain trust.

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