The Best Social Media Channels for Marketing

We are constantly seeing new social media channels emerge, but the top social channels for marketing have stayed the same over the years.

If you want to improve your digital marketing practices, you must have a social media presence on either Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn – or even a combination of all three. These are the best platforms for marketing, and when done right, they become a driving force for engagement, website traffic, leads and sales.

It is important to pick the right channels that uniquely suit your businesses needs. Here are the channels you should consider:


  • Diverse Content Formats: Facebook offers versatility that compliment different posts and ad formats. Users can post images, videos, and links, but where Facebook stands out is providing the ability to make carousels, instant experiences, and product collections. This helps increase engagement, traffic, and sales from your content.
  • One of the world’s largest social networks: With 2.7 billion users actively on Facebook, this platform is the best way to reach as many people as possible with your brand.
  • Broad user base: Facebook covers the widest range of demographic with people of all ages using the platform. This allows you to easily segment and target your audience.
Which brands would benefit from Facebook?

All brands can take advantage of the incredible tools Facebook offers. If you are unsure of which platform to use, Facebook is your safest bet as you are more likely to find a large percentage of your target audience on this platform. An added benefit is that Facebook Ads allows you to advertise your business on both Facebook and Instagram.


  • Extremely visual: When selling products or services, Instagram is the perfect place to display your goods. People look to Instagram to browse engaging images and videos, so creating visually appealing content provides you with the best chance of converting them to customers.
  • Younger and female audiences: Instagram users are heavily concentrated with people aged between 18 to 35. It is noted that more women are using Instagram than men, making this the ideal platform if women are your target demographic.
  • Shop on Instagram: With the recent launch of Instagram shopping, if your business has this feature enabled, you can link your products on every social media post, making it super easy to lead your followers to your site.
Which brands would benefit from Instagram?

Similar to Facebook, Instagram covers a broad audience. Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your product or service and the ideal platform if your target audience is younger and more female.


  • Niche platform: LinkedIn was designed to help professionals network, learn, and find jobs. With over 675 million users, if you are targeting professionals this is the most effective platform.
  • Influential users: If you are looking to increase your brands awareness, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to reach key decision makers and business owners.
  • Laser-focused advertising: LinkedIn advertising offers brands a ton of powerful advertising tools. The greatest benefit is being able to target your key audience by industry, job title, existing contacts or sending personalised messages directly to a user’s LinkedIn inbox.
Which brands would benefit from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is beneficial for B2B businesses looking for leads. 89% of B2B marketers used LinkedIn for lead generation, and 62% say it produces leads. To be successful with LinkedIn advertising it is vital to have a strong strategy put into place to generate solid returns.