The Importance of developing a great SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is ensuring that your customers find your website by optimising your online presence for search engines such as Google. SEO is an organic process that helps increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through unpaid search engine results.

Organic search results have a much higher click through rate than paid search ads, therefore consumers are more likely to engage in websites that appear organically in search results. SEO is about creating content that shows search engines that it is the best for the unique topics presented. This will make your website come in at a higher position on search engines, ultimately increasing website traffic and visibility.

Investing time and money into optimising content, enhancing user experience, and developing your site will lead to long term, cost effective and proven results.

SEO Tips and Tricks

It is important to keep the content on your website fresh and relevant.

Keyword Density

To make your site more search friendly ensure that you are adding relevant keywords throughout your content. Consumers find you when searching for specific keywords or phrases, make sure that you use these keywords appropriately throughout your site to drive website traffic.

Topic Authority

Ensure that you are positioning your brand as an authority in your industry by creating relevant and dynamic content. Make sure that you are constantly updating the content on your site to be fresh and exciting for consumers to engage with.

Social Media and Online Reviews

Other online platforms such as social media channels and business reviews can also contribute to boosting your SEO efforts. The visibility of your brand on social media channels can have a great influence on your search ranking, therefore it is important to keep your social media pages up to date with regular content that encourages your followers to engage and click through to your website. Also consider asking customers to leave reviews of your business on relevant online review sites, this not only helps boost your online footprint, but offers you an opportunity to further engage with your consumer.

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