What are the key benefits of using a digital dashboard?

Tracking the performance of your website and brand online is critical to any modern, successful business. At WebEagles, all our clients gain access to our WebEagles Dashboard, through which you will get transparent insights into the performance of your entire search engine optimisation (SEO), email campaign, social media, and Google AdWords strategies.

So, without further ado, here are the key benefits of using a digital dashboard:


Digital dashboards can be customisable for our clients and their expectations. Our team can adapt their dashboard to present the most valuable and useful information first. This allows both our clients and us to get the right insights to measure the success of their web presence.


In the past, marketers and business owners would spend hours reviewing and analysing different reports. Digital dashboards allow users to see an overall report at a glance, this reduces the time needed to navigate through various platforms, as all your reports are showcased in one, easy-to-follow format.


WebEagles’ deep insights will let you know how your audience interacts with your website and social media accounts, what they’re reading, what they love about your business, and where there’s potential to grow. Our dashboard is developed with the ability to go as deep or as shallow as you need to get the right level of detail for you.


There is no need for complicated training. Digital dashboards are designed to be easy to use for any person. The graphic design allows an easy and smooth navigation of the information.

Real-time Analytics

The WebEagles Dashboard tracks the metrics that matter in real-time, allowing you to adjust your strategy on the fly to maximise your responsiveness to your customers. What they see is instant engagement and customer service. What you see is a vibrant and positive community forming around your brand. That’s a win for everyone.

For more information about our elegant digital dashboard fill out the enquiry form here or contact us on 1300 123 808 and one of our digital marketing experts will be able to answer any of your questions.