The Ultimate Strategy of Combining Copywriting with SEO

Copywriting is essentially creating persuasive content that encourages your target audience to take specific action. Everything that you publish online must have a purpose to get the message across to a tailored target group.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) coupled with Copywriting becomes the ultimate duo. This ensures that your content is visible on search engines such as Google. Google’s algorithm is constantly becoming smarter and more finetuned, thus, it can always spot poorly written copy.

Make sure that when you are writing copy, it is written for humans and then optimised for search engines. This is how your content strategy and web pages will rank higher for the right search terms to reach your target audience, resulting them to take action. If you develop a great SEO strategy, you are more likely to drive high-converting traffic to your content.

What is SEO Copywriting?

To put simply, SEO Copywriting is the practice of writing content or copy for a web page that aligns with search queries. With the use of the correct keywords, you can focus your content on the user’s objective.

Great copywriting that takes advantage of the best SEO principles will assist in amplifying your online presence, as Google’s goal is to deliver high quality and relevant answers for any searches.

There are various key tactics and tools needed to develop a unique SEO Copywriting strategy suited to your business. You cannot just add lots of keywords and expect Google to rank your site as the top search results. Ensure that you are focusing on providing solutions to the search queries rather than ranking highly in search engines. If you do this properly your rankings will come organically as Google will see that you are providing valuable information for its users.

SEO copywriting pivots on you always putting your audience first.

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