5 Best Practices for Great Landing Pages

The main goal of a landing page is to nurture customers who are not ready to buy just yet and to demonstrate how your company provides specific value in that area. Curating a great landing page is important when trying to drive sales of your product or service, boost customer experience, and help you gain customers with enticing offers.

So, what are landing pages?

A landing page is a web page created with a particular goal and purpose. Landing pages usually have one of five purposes:

  1. Encourage a visitor to click (to go to another page, on your site or someone else’s).
  2. Encourage a visitor to make a purchase.
  3. Nurture relationships by getting a visitor to give their permission for you to follow up (by email, phone, etc.).
  4. Get a visitor to tell a friend about your products/services.
  5. Get a visitor to learn something or leave feedback.

There are various ways you can organise the content on your landing page to drive conversions, and ultimately sales, including:

  1. Crafting the perfect headline

The headline is the first thing a user sees when they land on your landing page. Majority of visitors will read your headline, but only skim through the copy, so it is vital that you write headlines that are captivating and sell.

  1. Building a separate landing page for each active promotion

It is important that the content that a user clicks on matches the headline and body content of your landing page – this is called “message match” and is defined as ‘matching the heading of your page with the headline of the ad or piece of marketing your visitor clicked.’ This is an important part in providing great user experience, it is important that the content on your page matches the message that leads a user to your page, whether it is via a social media post, email marketing campaign, or an ad on Google.

  1. Adding an engaging CTA

Your Call-To-Action (CTA) button is the most valuable part of your landing page because it’s the way that new leads are created in your system.  Without a clear CTA, you lose the potential to gain new customers, and the rest of the copy and images on your page lose their significance.

  1. Using images carefully

Did you know that 65% of people retain information paired with relevant images? Due to this, it is best to provide images that highlight someone using your product or service or displays what the customer will receive if they purchase your product. Your images should be inspiring, original and eye-catching, and they should be carefully positioned on the page to inspire the visitor to take action.

  1. Keep forms simple

A poorly designed form can lead to your conversions dropping. Users don’t want to spend a lot of time providing large amounts of personal information just to claim an offer. Make sure you only ask for information that you need, and keep in mind that users will provide additional information when they become customers.

At WebEagles, we have the expertise to help our clients create great landing pages. If you would like to learn more or want to get in touch with an expert who can improve your landing page strategy, contact WebEagles on 1300 123 808, and one of our friendly digital marketing experts will be able to answer any of your questions.