Instagram’s 2022 Update! What you need to know:

The most recent Instagram update has finally brought back one of the community’s most requested features, a chronological feed! The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced the app’s update on March 23, 2022, via an Instagram post.


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A post shared by Adam Mosseri (@mosseri)

Mosseri explains that Instagram will now be testing the  “ability to switch between three different views on your home screen.” These new feeds will include the standard Home feed, joined by the new Favourites and Following feeds.

The Home feed will be the same as the one you already have been using. This is where Instagram ranks the content based on what it believes each user wants to see most. The content on this feed will be presented out of chronological order, as it will be ordered by what the Instagram algorithm deems to be most relevant to you.

The Following feed will be a breakdown of the latest posts from accounts that you follow. The algorithm will list the posts chronologically by default, so there will be no need to change any setting to sort your timeline this way.

The Favourites feed will show you the latest posts from accounts that you choose, such as your closest friends, and favourite creators. In addition to this, the posts from accounts in Favourites will also show up higher in your home feed.

So, what will this mean for your business?

Quality content has more chances to become viral

The home feed will still be curated based on recommendations, indicating that there are still opportunities for businesses to be discovered by new people. Meaning, if you create quality posts that perform well, there will be a much higher chance to organically reach people who don’t follow you yet.

Followed accounts will get seen

As Instagram’s chronological order is making a comeback, users will have more control over their feed, and businesses will no longer rely on Instagram’s algorithm whether their followers saw their content or not.

Mosseri mentioned that “We’re always working on new ways to improve your Instagram experience. We’ll continue to build features like Favourites and Following to give you more choice and control over what you see and help make the time you spend on the app feel more intentional.”

As social media platforms are constantly changing, we aim to stay updated on all possible changes that may affect our clients’ businesses. For more information regarding current algorithm changes, contact WebEagles on 1300 123 808, our friendly experts are always available to advise you on any possible changes that may affect your business.